Free Power & Energy For Life

The problem with most solar or wind renewables is that the supply is intermittent. Solar (PV) panels only generate electricity when there is sufficient sunshine,

for instance, and this is unlikely to be at night when the lights need to be on. It’s a similar story with micro wind turbines, as they can only function when there’s enough breeze.

The work around obviously to the problem of intermittency with both solar and wind is of coarse to store what you have when you can get it! What this all boils down to is that the only way to get and keep free energy at all times is to install battery storage system or 'bank'. This means that electricity produced when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing can be used when it’s required. The downside to this is that the addition of battery storage will add weight and cost to your installation costs, however! Battery technology like everything else has moved on! Decent quality Gel or Lipo4 batteries nowadays will last for years with proper mainenance and charging from whatever renewables you’re thinking of installing.