Reduced Energy Bills

Most boats, caravans and motorhomes still rely on a 12V or 24V power supply in the form of a battery or bank of batteries, first invented by Gaston Planté in 1859.

Fundamentally it’s a simple equation, we have a store of power in the battery or bank of batteries and as long as we put the same in as we take out, all will be well. But this is easier said than done!

A cold drink at the end of the day while watching the sun go down is one of the joys of caravaning or boating. But the more luxuries we have, the greater the demand for power.

Years ago most things were paraffin run, lights etc, when we packed to go travelling then canned food was the norm, easy to store and keep and no power needed!

Now however the further off the beaten track the more self-sufficient we need to be, both in terms of power management and in the facilities we want with us.

The relationship between amps, volts, and watts is well documented (The 12V Bible by Ed Sherman) and it is easy to work out what your overall power needs will be.

We can of course help here as well, one of our dedicated staff will be only to willing to monitor the amount of power that you require and also offer all the fitting advice needed should you wish to do this part yourself!