Motorhome Solar Power Installation

It is a great way to do the right thing for the environment and cut energy costs while camping away.

So no matter what you have albeit a caravan, boat, narrowboat or motorhome theres a real chance that your missing out on free power for it!

Why have to plug into the mains (if you have the option) to be able to use what we class today as normal appliances that we take everywhere!

Most of the above vehicles have a huge amount of usable space available to exploit at least one solar panel, most will already have a battery or battery bank (batteries) that will need charging while the engine isn't running!

So how is this possible? Easily with fitment of one of our solar panels or even (dependant where you are) a mini wind turbine, all fitted in conjunction with what you already have!

If of coarse this is way beyond your scope then we have dedicated fitters country wide that not only will advise whats best for you but also fit it for you as well! Simple! Thats the SES way!