Solar Power for You?

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly solution that can help offset your energy needs.

So solar panels have been around for many many years now, most being built in China and exported all over the world in one form or another! However! Do you actually know what your getting?
Most cheap Chinese panels are actually labelled all wrong and a simple understanding of maths (not math) and current will help you spot what will and won't work for you.

With this in mind and having experienced it ourselves numerous times we decided that quality needed to be better and expectations of what you get for price you pay should be better! Thats why we now produce our own panels that do exactly what we say they will! 

Heres a simple snippet from the 12v Bible and has a very good and simple equation if you understand it of coarse! however our latest findings from China were 200w panels with a max of 18v and 5.87amp so whats wrong here? Well either the Watt's are wrong or the amp's are because using the guide above it they were genuine 200w panels divided by 18v would equal 11amp! (which is very high for that size panel) so lets look at it the other way! 5.87a x 18v (the volts being the only thing constant) =105watt panel which is much more nearer the truth and a believable figure! How can they sell like this? Are you going to bother sending your £80 panel back to China and complain? Of coarse your not!