Information On Solar Products

Information page on solar products

Getting information on Solar products is difficult. This page is to help people understand some setup principles of solar power and what goes with it, within this section you will find helpful (hope it is) instructions as how to set various things like Lithium cells and BMS controllers, battery banks etc.

Whether to go parallel or series on your solar array or indeed battery bank, by no means this is to be taken as gospel it’s merely to give you an idea as to which way to move forward for your off grid living! Any comments that anyone wishes to put forward they are certainly welcome to do so on our blog page.

Building A Lithium Cell Setup

Daly Or Heyo BMS Settings On A Phone

Parallel Or Series Battery Setup

What’s Best 12v – 24v – 48V And Why?

Mini Wind Turbines – Do They Work

How Big Should My Inverter Be?

What Does Shingled Solar Panel Mean?

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