Lithium BMS Fitting To Cells

Lithium battery setup instructions, Daly BMS, Heyo etc, a nice perfectly described way to fit your BMS to your lithium cells, the last step of activation however is a lot more simple if you have the bluetooth head connected, you will notice nowadays there’s a little button in the head, this (once all set up) is how to activate your BMS, simply press once and if you have the app open on your phone you will see the bluetooth number pop up, then you can enter the settings pages from there! Easy right!


If your having issues with Heyo BMS update due to the new app then we have the software here for the 250amp 12v 4s, we have a direct line to Heyo (Now HI BMS) so if you require an update for other versions please contact us and we will ask for the file for you! The easiest way to apply the update is via the PC – UART cable with the PC software which is here we also stock the PC – UART cables, however if you bought from us then they are already included.

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