Can We Fit Solar Ourselves? DIY Solar

DIY Solar Install

Can you DIY Solar? The answer is yes! Although for home owners it’s a little more tricky as to tie into the grid requires a qualified electrician, not only to do the work but to also ‘sign it off’ the rest of the install though is fairly straight forward and any competent diy’er should be able to fit the associated main parts of the system.

Things are much simpler for boat’s, caravan’s, motorhomes and even static caravan’s (mobile homes) and a simple installation that doesn’t break the bank should be easy enough to fit, indeed i have fitted a few solar systems for friends over the years, on boat’s, a few static homes, the key is knowing what amount of power your going to use and then price up from there! Plan your solar panel install well, this can be tricky depending on roof space and strength.

DIY Solar Panel Install On A Static Home

As they say… is one i did earlier! 10 x 510w 48v Black Panels, split into 2 x 5 (2 parallel x 5 series) these are mounted on galvanised Unistrut along with zeb’s with solar retainers fitted, the only problem was finding the strength in the roof, but lifting a few sheets of tiling soon revealed where the main struts were.

DIY 5500w hybrid inverter with battery backup

The power fed down through a solar isolator to a 5500w hybrid inverter with 100ah 48v battery backup, this was doubled in time to 200ah to last through the night, the saving in cost going down normal gel (AGM) batteries wasn’t worth it, which is why we don’t other selling AGM or Lead Acid batteries, if your thinking of doing similar then Lithium (LifePo4) is truly the way forward! So far 2 years + down the line, owner still hasn’t bought any electric at all! Plus i might add, now has a hot tub outside and has bought an electric car!

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