How Much Solar Energy KWH Do We Need?

KWH – How Does It All Work?

KWH – Now this is the question, for home owners the simple answer is to look on your electricity bill and work out how many Kw your using for a given day/week/year, an average house hold uses around 5kwh per day according to Ofgem, i would say it was nearer 8kwh depending who’s in the house through the day! Solar panels now can range up to 600w each so 10 x 600 = 6000 x 5 (average daylight hours) =30,000w which equals 30kwh

Do you need that many? Well no! But……..remember we live in the UK, on a warm sunny summers day that’s great but what about our long autumn and winter periods, the fact of the matter is it’s better to go overkill on the solar panels than find out you need more later, after all, what goes back to the grid you get paid for! If your on a hybrid system then you should have fully charged batteries to last even the longest nights!

For the 12v/24v/48v brigade it’s much the same scenario, it’s a little more difficult to work out how much your depleting your batteries in terms of amp hours but this would be first rule of thumb, however and as discussed elsewhere, space is also an issue, this is where our 18v flexible panels shine, space required and performance got! Plus the fact they are low profile, you can walk on them and for each panels size the results are brilliant

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