Lithium LifePo4 EVE Docan 280ah 3.2v Cells For 48volt


Docan EVE Lithium cells priced each to make up 12v 24v 48v systems with 280ah capacity , perfect for boat, motorhome or home solar fitment

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Lithium (LifePo4) Cell’s X 16 280Ah

LifePo4 Lithium cells are 3.2v per cell with 280Ah per cell, So here is an easy way to order a 48v system with 280Ah! I have worked with Docan for a few years now and have direct contact with them, we can usually ship these within the same week (once payment is cleared)

Most house type solar systems with a hybrid inverter will use a 48v battery bank to carry you through the night, these cells will give around 14.3kwh, basically power wall’s like Tesla contain Cell’s smaller usually in capacity than these, the difference being, if one Cell fail’s you can simply swap it out, what will you do with your power wall?

Basically Docan use EVE (Basin) cell’s but laser weld their own top’s on, after thousand’s sold with  no complaints we are very pleased to keep working with Docan

Each cell is 3.2v so for 51.2v (48v system) you need 16 x cells 3.2 x 16 = 51.2v! with 280Ah and a lot less space needed that a regular battery!

You can of course buy 16 cell’s and still run them in 12v rating (or 24v) but with 1120Ah! (Quadruple the capacity – 12v) I myself run 16 of these Cell’s in 12 volt format (2 x packs of 8 cells) and net 14kwh at least! Way more inefficient than a 48v setup!

See our information page here for further details

16 Cells in this package

Warranty: 1 year

Application: Solar Energy Storage Systems, Boats, Motorhome, Caravan etc

Battery Size: 3.2v 280ah lifepo4 lithium cell

Brand Name: CATL

Certification: ce,un 38.3,msds

Model Number: 3.2v 280ah lifepo4 battery

Weight: 5kg (each)

The charging ratio: 1c

The discharge rate: 1c

Cycle Life: 3000-5000 times

Charger: 25-50A

Peak Current: 3c

Network Interface:: N/A

OEM: acceptable

nominal voltage: 3.2v per cell

Nominal Capacity: 280ah

Battery Size: 70*174*204mm

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Weight20 kg


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