Heyo BMS For Lithium Cells 12volt 100amp 4s


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Heyo BMS For 12V 100A Leisure System

If your wanting to run Lithium (LifePo4) Cell’s for your leisure battery pack then you will need a BMS (Battery Management System) to keep your Lithium Cell’s balanced and in tip top condition, these BMS are made by Heyo and are a direct copy of Daly type BMS, everything is the same as Daly (even the APP) but the reliability is better and so is the customer service!

This being the 100amp version means it will charge/discharge at 100amps maximum! So if your solar can produce 100amps and your battery bank is 100amps you will be charged fully in 1 hour! (only an example)

The main point with BMS size is discharge, 100amps in 12v relates to around 1200w, so if the maximum your inverter can produce is 1000w -1200w then these will be fine!

They can also balance Cell’s to within .002v and also protect your cells in freezing conditions by not allowing them to charge, high and low charge points can be set thus your Cells should last forever!


Model Number: SMART 3.2V lifepo4 4S 12V 100A Common Port
Place of Origin: GUA
Brand Name: HEYO
Base Material: FR-4
Copper Thickness: 1.0oz
Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm
Min. Line Width: 3mm
Min. Line Spacing: 4/4mil(0.1/0.1mm)
Surface Finishing: HASL
Board Size: 166*65*24mm
Product name: SMART 3.2V lifepo4 4S 12V 100A Common Port with BT
Application: Electronic Products
Certificate: ROSH CE
Voltage: 12V
Package: Wrapped
Warranty: 1 Years
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