EPever 12V / 24V Tracer 3210AN 30A MPPT


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EPever Tracer MPPT

12volt / 24volt 30amp

The Tracer range MPPT from EPever are affordable and reliable at controlling solar input from your panels, the main thing to note when buying MPPT’s are the range they operate at, this type MPPT can only stand 100 volts DC (solar input) and will only give out a maximum of 30 amps, thus if you have 2 x solar panels at 48v in series then these are not big enough to handle the DC voltage! Always connect the MPPT to battery voltage prior to connecting your solar array! The Tracer range automatically sense battery voltage, hence the 12/24 configuration, plus they can also be made to work with the remote screen (MT50) or Bluetooth/Wireless App available as extra add ones!

Large alloy heatsink on the rear so take care when mounting to surfaces as they can get warm!


Model: EPEVER 12V / 24V Tracer 3210AN 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Series: Tracer-AN

Model: Tracer3210AN

Nominal system voltage: 12 / 24VDC Auto

Rated charge current: 30A

Rated charge power: 390W / 12V 780W / 24V

Battery type: Lead-acid (Sealed) / Gel / Lithium (LiFO4)

Max conversion efficiency: ≤98.0%

MPPT tracking efficiency: ≥99.50%

Max. PV open circuit voltage: 100V

MPP voltage range: (Battery voltage + 2V) ~ 72V

Equalization voltage: Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V, User-defined: 9-17V

Boost voltage: Gel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.4V, Flooded: 14.6V, User-defined: 9-17V

Float voltage: Gel / Sealed / Flooded: 13.8V, User-defined: 9-17V

Self Consumption: ≤12mA

Temperature compensation: -3mV / ℃ / 2V (default)

Relative humidity: ≤95%, NC

Enclosure: IP30

RS485 interface: 5VDC / 100mA

Operating Temp. range: -25 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ (100% input and output)

Dimensions (L * W * H) mm: 228 * 164 * 55

Net weight: 1.26KG

Gross weight: 1.6KG

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