EPever 12V / 24V Tracer 4210AN 40A MPPT


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EPever Tracer 4210AN

EPever 40amp is ideal for boat, caravan, motorhome use!

A 12 / 24 volt 40amp MPPT that’s both reliable and well priced, as with the 30 amp version the only draw back on these and the thing to watch out for is the amount of DC voltage your panels produce!

These are rated for 100 volts DC maximum (solar array voltage) and will produce a max of 40 amps.

User defined settings mean you can tailor these to work with any battery type including LifePo4 although it is easier to either fit the remote screen (MT50) or use a laptop with the optional extra PC cable, Wifi and Bluetooth options are also available


Series: Tracer-AN

Model: Tracer4210AN

Nominal system voltage: 12 / 24VDC Auto

Rated charge current: 40A

Rated charge power: 520W / 12V 1040W / 24V

Battery type: Lead-acid (Sealed) / Gel / Lithium (LiFO4)

Max conversion efficiency: ≤98.0%

MPPT tracking efficiency: ≥99.50%

Max. PV open circuit voltage: 100V; 96V

MPPT voltage range: (Battery voltage + 2V) ~ 72V

Equalization voltage: Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V, User-defined: 9-17V

Boost voltage: Gel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.4V, Flooded: 14.6V, User-defined: 9-17V

Float voltage: Gel / Sealed / Flooded: 13.8V, User-defined: 9-17V

Self Consumption: ≤12mA

Temperature compensation: -3mV / ℃ / 2V (default)

Relative humidity: ≤95%, NC

Enclosure: IP30

RS485 interface: 5VDC / 100mA

Operating Temp. range: -25 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ (100% input and output)

Dimensions (L * W * H) mm: 252 * 180 * 63

Net weight: 1.65KG

Gross weight: 2.05KG

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