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How Much Solar Energy KWH Do We Need?

KWH – How Does It All Work? KWH – Now this is the question, for home owners the simple answer is to look on your electricity bill and work out how many Kw your using for a given day/week/year, an average house hold uses

Whats Involved Fitting Solar?

Fitting Solar – How Hard Will It Be?   Fitting Solar or an installation of Solar for home user’s is now much simpler than it used to be, hybrid inverters like the ones we sell have most items installed, i.e the inverter itself, the

Can We Fit Solar Ourselves? DIY Solar

DIY Solar Install Can you DIY Solar? The answer is yes! Although for home owners it’s a little more tricky as to tie into the grid requires a qualified electrician, not only to do the work but to also ‘sign it off’ the rest